Detect potential regulatory violations*

Complex solution for financial institutions

* according to the Federal Law No. 224-FZ of the Russian Federation
Get ready
for the changes

implementation of the internal
control rules


adoption of measures to keep up
with updated basic SRO standards

The price
of inaction is high
328 million rub

maximum damage to customers
as a result of illegal actions
in 2016-2017 years

700 thousand rub

minimum fine for trading violations

Detect trading violations

Employ pre-configured detection algorithms adapted to your business specifics and the requirements of the Regulator

Case management

Analyze realtime alert stream within one dashboard or drill down to related dashboards for more detailed investigation

Graphical analysis of trading

Take advantage of the interactive graphical interface:

  • from daily data to full order book reconstruction
  • from market information on a per-account basis to cross-transactions of several accounts on different exchanges
Reports to the SRO and the Regulator

Use pre-configured reports to export your findings by cases for further investigation or report

Various types
of data sources
* Additional option
Data loading
  • Data loading from end-of-day sources (files)
  • Realtime data sources*
  • Integration with the internal data storage*
  • Order book reconstruction, visualisation of cross-transactions of several accounts on different exchanges
  • Agent relationship analysis*
  • Basic case management process
  • Minimizing false positives by setting thresholds
  • Customization of case management process*
  • Implementation of machine learning*
  • Importing alerts from external sources*
  • Sending alert messages to email*
  • Detection models according to the Federal Law No. 224-FZ of the Russian Federation
  • Extension of detection model list*
  • The maintainance of basic security requirements
  • Adaption to internal security requirements*
  • Manual consolidation customer information
  • Loading customer information from internal systems*
  • Case reporting
  • Development of specialized reports*
  • Loading from news sources*
  • Integration with internal workflow systems*
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